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Fax: 0116 247 1552

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We are governed and regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

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Westcotes GP Surgery

Westcotes GP Surgery One:

Tel Number: 0116 2558588

Fax Number: 0116 2471552


Our mission is to provide a traditional general practice service, in a modern world.


Our values are to be honest, open, caring, responsive, effective, safe and well led.

Publication of GP earnings


The Average pay for GPs working at the practice of  Westcotes GP Surgery 1 in the last financial year was £18,018 before tax and national insurance.


This is for one full time GP who worked in each practice for more than six months.

Dr Shafi and Partners

Dr Shafi operates three NHS contracts on behalf of NHS England and they all reside within Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group. The three practices are known as Westcotes GP Surgery One, Westcotes GP Surgery Two and Briton Street GP Surgery and they operate from two postal addresses,  2 Westcotes Drive, Leicester, LE3 0QR and 5 Briton Street, Leicester LE3 0AA.


Please note that staff from all three contracts are employed by Dr Shafi and rotate across all three contracts and therefore all staff will have access to the entirety of your medical records. If you would like further clarification surrounding our setup, then please don't hesitate to ask a member of our team.

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